The most technologically expeditious manner possible to transmit funds

We are a leading technology company that envisions a world where e-commerce can thrive without the threat of financial loss during a monetary transaction. Consumers and businesses use our software to conduct monetary payments in a convenient, safe and secure digital environment. We believe in using technology to foster commerce for all mankind.

Other technology payment solution companies focus on moving money in a simple fashion.  At DirecFunds we know there is nothing simple about the movement of currency in the digital space.  Our payment platform allows money to move easily but, more importantly, securely.  Our cloud-based infrastructure is reliable, secure and easy to scale to meet the growing demands of e-commerce.

Unlike other technology companies our innovation is deeply rooted not only in science, but also in the understanding of our client’s and partner’s businesses.  We provide payment solutions to the business community that make sense and are not reliant on heavy investment of time and money to work with us.

Who We Are