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DirecFunds.com is in constant Development with other online wire payment solutions that will make the World tomorrow more Secure.  Stay tuned for the next DirecFunds.com Payment Solution Chapter.

Consumer Online Wire Payment

Consumers no longer are required to “drive to a bank branch to wire funds”. DirecFunds.com is addressing the “Great Migration” since the Pandemic where Consumers are working remotely and access mobile banking as their main source of managing their finances.  41.0% of all Employees work remotely according to the Wall Street Journal. Today it is feasible a Consumer may bank digitally and there is no actual bank branch located within 300 miles of their residence.

Wiring funds by a Consumer is a challenge most people don’t expect until they purchase Home or other type of Property.

Business to Business Wire Payment
(Third Party Sender)

DirecFunds.com is the leading Fintech Wire Payment Third Party Sender with “cutting edge” Technology that employs User Authentication (more than twice the User Identification than the average Fintech)  and the most “robust” Anti-Fraud Bank Account Validation available anywhere.  Using AI to spend our processes the typical wire payment is funded in less than three minutes.

Bank Account Validation Query Services

There are other bank account validation services, but the User’s biggest challenge is the large number of “inconclusive findings” these Services generate.  This is caused by these Services because they are using aged publicly available contributory databases.  DirecFunds.com uses “current bank account data” that is gathered from the banks themselves.  The Result:  90% + Affirmative or Negative Responses when bank account information is submitted and validated.

Earnest Money Deposit

When the buyer makes a deposit of earnest money into an escrow account, the process can require a “drive to the bank” for a wire transfer to take place. This burdensome process can lead to mistakes and fraud that can jeopardize the purchase of the property. Using DirecFunds to wire the funds creates an easy, stress-free way to facilitate the process and avoid the potential risks.