2024 DirecFunds.com Sponsored Cycling Season Summary

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DirecFunds.com continued to sponsor Team Wimberg on the national cycling tour.  Peter Wimberg who resides in Cincinnati Ohio is a USA Cycling Level I Instructor of which there are only 250 Cycling Coaches that are certified at this Level.  Peter is an American Council on Exercise Certified Trainer. 

During 2023 Peter Wimberg won the Age 50+ Senior State Championship Cycling Races in both the 5K and 10K in the following States; Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida.  Peter won the Gold Medal carrying the DirecFunds.com colors at the Senior National Cycling Championship in the 60-64 Year Age Group and finished overall 2nd and 3rd in these Races. 

Team Wimberg and DirecFunds.com continue to “move forward” in both Sports and in Global eCommerce Payment platforms. 

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